The Setting

a) The Monastery of Saint Anthony is situated in the "Holy Valley" of Qadisha, a historic Lebanese site, which has been marked by its inhabitant's faith and saintliness. The Monastery is in the valley of Qozhaya, from where it derives its name, which prolongs the Valley of Qannoubin. The two Valleys together, form "Qadisha" which bas the villages of Ehden and Bsharre on its peak.

b) The Monastery is a hundred kilometers north of Beirut at an altitude of 950 meters. It can be accessible via the following roads:

The Chekka-Ehden road, which passes through Amioun, Tourza and Aarbet-Qozhaya.

The Chekka-Bsharre road, which leads to Ehden when the Hawqa bifurcation is taken.

c) The Monastery is surrounded by mountains, covered with cedar, oak and pine trees. The valley is planted with rich variety of vegetables and fruit trees. The gardens are irrigated by several springs, which sprout from within the Monastery land. Above the Monastery terraces that have been made into gardens due to the tireless efforts of the monks and the local inhabitants. They have metamorphosed the rocky mountains into fertile slopes, that reach up to the Cedars, the symbol of Lebanon.