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 Lebanese Christian Sites
Saint Anthonys Parish Leamington Ontario Canada
Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C.
Catholic Churches of Lebanon
St. Charbel Church, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Voice Of Charity
Learned Maronite
MAROnet - International Maronite Foundation
Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn
Maronite American Research Institute (MARI)
Abraham Ecchelensis, A 
The Maronite Research Institute
Our Lady of Lebanon, Sydney, Australia
National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Ohio
The Maronite Research Council
Melkite Catholic Church
Opus Libani

Lebanese Media
Lebanese Broadcasting Corp Video and Audio Clips.
Lebanese National News Agency (In Arabic)
La Revue du Liban
Les Editions Orientales

Lebanese Academic Sites
Lebanese Academic and Research Network
Université Libanaise
American University of Beirut
Notre Dame University
Université Saint-Joseph
Institut Pédagogique National pour l'Enseignement Technique
Ecoles Techniques Supérieures au Liban (liste)

Culture & Art Sites
Fairouz on AlMashriq
Marcel Khalife on AlJadid (from AlMashriq)
John Fayyad's Maraseel
Arabic MIDI Page
Middle Eastern Recipes
The Virtual Middle Eastern Cook Book
Lebanon on World Wine Web
 Views From Lebanon

Other Christian Links
Catholic World News
Great Jubilee Year 2000 Events in Rome
Vatican: the Holy See
Real Video Jesus Films in Arabic
National Shrine of St.Therese
Alne3mat Arabic Bible on the Net
Listen to the bible in Arabic on the Net
Search the Bible
Lebanon in the Bible
Churches -Zgharta.com

Lebanon in History
Zeno of Sidon, A Mathematician
Concours Charles-Hélou, Quelle Francophonie pour le XXIe siècle?
Lebanon, in the Bible
If you want to learn Phoenician
The Ancient Phoenicians
Beirut, Antike Stadt der Zukunft
ABZU - Ancient Near East Resources
Selected Ancient Near Eastern Texts
Ancient Canaanites, Israelites and Related Peoples
Classics and Mediterranean Archeaology
Levant Myths and Legends
Byzantine and Medieval Studies Sites
The Mamluk Bibliography Project


Ministry of Economy and Trade
Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon
Embassy of Lebanon, Washigton, D.C.
Embassy of Lebanon, Canada

Tourism Sites
Maps of the Middle East
Welcome to the Cedars' Land
The Hotel Guide for Lebanon
Lebanon on BookWay (hotels)
Hotels in Lebanon from ABT
Lebanon on Globe Corner Bookstore


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