a) Spiritual Activity
Life in the Monastery centers on meditation. Prayers and litanies are held daily morning, at noon and in the evening,…. On Sundays, five masses are celebrated in the morning.
Groups of priests and monks are frequently received for spiritual retreats. The vast halls and the fifty rooms of the Monastery make it a perfect place to receive large groups.

b) Agricultural Activity
Farming complements monastic life. The vast properties of the Monastery, which extend from the mountain peaks to the coast, permit the cultivation of all types of fruits and vegetables.


c) Developmental Activity
The mission of the Monastery is not limited to cultivating the soil. It took a social dimension when part of the Monastery's land was bequeathed freehold to farmers. The monks helped them to build their homes and to manage their land through a socio-economic program. With the monks' initiative, these properties broke away from the Monastery to eventually form the villages of Aarabet Qozhaya, El-Fraydiss, En-Naher, Hawqa, Bayader Rachiine and Rouweyssat.