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a) The Monastery: A Place of Pilgrimage
The Monastery of Qozhaya has special significance for both Christians and Muslims, who come from all regions seeking cures, divine grace and peace of mind. It is the Monastery for the pilgrims.

b) The Cave
The Cave of Qozhaya, which burrows into the mountainside, is supposed to extend to Ehden. It is a popular place for miracles, especially for those who are mentally ill. It is famous throughout Lebanon and the Middle East for the miraculous cures which have taken place in it.

c) The Church
The Church of the Monastery is located in a cave. It is the product of the joint endeavor of man and nature. Its facade is beautiful in its simplicity. Its pink stones are joined with lead instead of mortar. In the upper part, a series of arches is supported by twelve pink pillars, which rest upon copper sills. On the top, there are three bell towers. It is to be noted that the central one, out of which three arches have been sculpted, is monolithic (constructed from a single piece of rock).

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